Zelekha: Civil Service Commission in No Position to Lecture Anyone

Any hiring system can be skewed, so it's not the system that's important, but the people who manage the process of choosing new people, argues former Finance Ministry accountant general Yaron Zelekha, referring to the ministry's questionable capital market department tender. He said the emphasis was on subjective impressions, and they can be "fixed."

Zelekha warned that it's important to choose good people for top posts, and they will take care of choosing their subordinates.

As for the Civil Service Commission investigation, Zelekha noted that "two very serious" reports by the state comptroller on the CSC and said there was no reason to get "too worked up" over its findings.

Zelekha referred to one report's saying the commission created a job for a personal assistant "without a tender and without authority."

The second comptroller's report, he added, dealt with "inappropriate appointments and fixed tenders under the responsibility of the commissioner." He added: "In my humble opinion, the Civil Service Commission, and specifically the current commissioner, are in no position to lecture anyone in the civil service."