Yossi Vardi and Shlomo Nehama Will Put Your Life in Order. Meet AllOfMe

The company is developing a product that aspires to unite all of a user's digital assets into a single timeline.

Yossi Vardi, the indefatigable entrepreneur, and Shlomo Nehama, until recently the chairman of Bank Hapoalim, never stop. Only months after their reported investment in the video start-up, Linqee, they are now financing a new Internet initiative, AllOfMe. The company is developing a product that aspires to unite all of a user's digital assets into a single timeline, creating what one of its founders, Addy Feuerrstein, describes "the script of a person's life." The tiny Tel Aviv based firm, which is about to unveil the beta version of its product, plans to raise further funding from private investors in a financing round within a few months.

Yossi Vardi was one of the brains behind Mirabilis, which pioneered messaging software with ICQ (an acronym for I-seek-you). AOL bought it in 1998 for $400 million.

Feuerrstein says that the firm's technology will allow the consolidation and sharing of many types of personal digital assets, such as emails, YouTube movies, Flickr or Picasso pictures or any other media storage source that we include in our service.

"The idea is that if I or someone else has a picture that includes my son, alone or with friends, I or anyone else will be able to tag the people in the picture and transform these digital assets into part of my sons. When he grows up and takes control over his own timeline, he will have a timeline of tagged material from his childhood."

The family album will be transformed into something more detailed and orderly, and can be shared with friends, but AllOfMe has more up its sleeve. "We will also transform the timeline created by each person into a video movie, through a widget on an internet site" adds Feuerstein. "We will also enable comparison of your timeline with that of your acquaintances, or chronological data files. For instance, you will be able to compare your own timeline with historical events of Time, and see where you were when some important world event occurred."