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"When I hire a new employee, I can never tell whether he is Jewish or not," the manager of the Ashdod store 'Melekh HaJungle' Avi Levinstein, told the court during a hearing held in the Beersheva Regional Labor Court. "There is no nationality noted on his I.D. card, and the name doesn't always indicate his religion."

The hearing was part of criminal proceedings instigated by the state against the store for employing Jewish workers during Shabbat and holidays. Levinstein said that when he had hired the employee, "there had been no signs or red lights warning him that the employee is Jewish, who could not be employed for work during Jewish days of rest."

Levinstein added that most of the workers in the store are of Russian descent, which makes it difficult to identify them as Jewish.

Judge Moshe Tweivh noted Levinstein's comments, but ruled that he was in violation of the law of work and rest hours when he employed three workers over Saturday. The judge levied an NIS 18,000 fine against the store, out of a maximum of NIS 37,000.