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If you want to visit the U.S., be prepared to fork out a lost more. Visa prices are rising at the beginning of 2008 by $31, up from $100 today.

No official announcement has been made yet, but the additional sum is meant to cover the $20 fee for an FBI fingerprint and background check, as well as other cost increases at the Department of State.

The tourism industry expects only minor drops in demand for U.S. travel, and high-tech companies are not expected to change plans to send workers.

About 130,000 Israelis request an American visa every year. The approximately $13 million collected annually goes to cover the embassy's costs, but a visa today is actually more than $100, as the embassy charges NIS 410. It seems that there is still one place where the dollar has not dropped.

Most countries charge less for their visa fees, though Uzbekistan levies NIS 465.