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The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange once again set new records yesterday for all leading indexes. The TA-25 gained 1.1 percent to reach a new high of 1,160.8 points. The TA-100 rose 0.9 percent to a new high of 1,155.28 points. The TelTech-15 rose 1.2 percent. Turnover for the day was NIS 1.7 billion.

A number of factors kept the market rising for the entire day yesterday, including the gains on Wall Street at the end of last week, which led to positive arbitrage gaps on dual-listed shares. The Nasdaq closed Friday at a six-and-a-half-year high: 2,707 points. The S&P 500 also set a record.

Here in Israel yesterday, bond markets showed a drop in prices with long-term Shahars losing 0.44 percent near closing; Galils were off 0.35 percent.

Teva (TASE: TEVA) had the highest turnover yesterday, NIS 116 million, and rose 2.8 percent for the day.

NICE (TASE: NICE) stood out, too, rising 3.5 percent on NIS 19 million in trading.

However, real estate and bank shares bucked the positive trends in recent days, and were down 1.1 percent and 0.3 percent, respectively, for the week. But yesterday, the bank index rose 0.5 percent, and the Real Estate-15 gained the same. Bank Hapoalim (TASE: POLI) rose 1.2 percent yesterday, and Bank Leumi (TASE: LUMI) remained unchanged. Both large banks have risen 5 percent this year, much less than the TA-25 index.