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Supersol had an especially good Pesach, according to a market survey by ACNielsen, leaving its competitors, Blue Square and Clubmarket, trailing far behind.

The survey, obtained by Haaretz, shows that the supermarket retail chain Supersol had a growth in sales in April, while Blue Square, despite strengthening its position from March, has seen its share of the market fall since the beginning of the year.

Clubmarket saw its sales drop slightly in April, despite the holiday, which is traditionally characterized by heavy purchasing of food and household products, and the launch of a subsidiary low-price chain, Impiria.

The ACNielsen survey covers sales in the retail market through bar code registration (i.e., those retailers that operate tills that read the bar codes), and encompasses 70 percent of the food market in Israel.

According to the survey, Supersol improved its market share to 28.2 percent in April, up from 27 percent in March and a cumulative share of 26.3 percent in 2004. In comparison, the Blue Square chain managed a market share of 24.5 percent in April, up from 23.2 percent in March, but lower than its 25-percent share in January and February, and its 25.1-percent share for last year.

Clubmarket's penetration of the retail market fell from a cumulative 13.4 percent last year to 12.9 percent in March, and only 12.4 percent in the festive month of April.

The figures bear out a success for Supersol's launch of a new budget chain, Supersol Deal, which already claims an 8-percent share of the bar code retail market. Among the budget sub-chains, Supersol Deal has climbed to second place after Blue Square's Mega, in first place with 12 percent of the market.

Apparently Supersol's advertising efforts have paid off. The chain, headed by CEO Effie Rosenhaus, invested large sums on pushing its stores in the run-up to the Pesach holiday, and topped the advertisers' table in April, according to Ifat Media Watch, with advertising spending of $2.66 million. Blue Square spent $1.27 million (coming fourth on Ifat's list), while Clubmarket didn't even rank in the top 20 advertisers for the month.