A Super-Sol Extra branch preparing to meet the public..
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Super-Sol will be opening 15 branches of a new brand over the next year: Super-Sol Deal Extra, featuring larger stores and bulk packages. A NIS 5 million advertising campaign with entertainer Zvika Hadar introducing the brand will be launched Sunday.

The retailer will be opening the first nine Extra stores next month. The move follows the recent decision to convert all of the Super-Sol Big stores to discount Super-Sol Deal stores.

The major difference between Super-Sol Deal and Super-Sol Deal Extra is size. The “Extra” brand stores will have higher ceilings, wider shelves and a larger number of check-out counters.

Company officials said prices at the new brand will be the same as at regular Super-Sol Deal branches, but the new stores will carry products in bulk.

They will also sell three-packs of popular items at a 10% to 20% discount.

In addition, Super-Sol Deal Extra branches will have an expanded selection of non-food products, including electrical items. The chain says their electrical goods will be the cheapest in Israel.

The initial Super-Sol Deal Extras will be converted stores that had been operating under Super-Sol’s price club membership brand name “Universe,” similar to Costco and Sam’s Club in the United States. The Extra stores will open bulk purchases to the wider public.

The launch of Super-Sol Deal Extra will also cost the chain’s suppliers: Super-Sol has an agreement with suppliers providing the retailer a price break to offset the cost of conversion of branches from one brand to another.