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Aharon et Giladi, the company that installed lamp posts for Feuchtwanger Industries along sections of Highway 471, one of the most important segments of the Trans-Israel Highway, removed the poles yesterday without any prior notice. The company apparently fears that Feuchtwanger will not be able to pay for the installation in light of the financial state of the company's controlling shareholder, the Peled-Givony group.

Last month, Feuchtwanger won an estimated NIS 1.4 million Public Works Authority (known by its Hebrew acronym, Ma'atz) tender to install 85 lamp posts along the Maccabit highway, employing Aharon et Giladi as a sub-contractor.

The section, which begins in Petah Tikva and will join the Trans-Israel highway near Elad, is slated to open for traffic on Sunday, when the first section of the Trans-Israel Highway from Kibbutz Eyal to Nachshonim opens.

A Ma'atz spokesman confirmed the report. "The lamp posts that have been removed are marginal and will not interfere with opening the road." He noted that the section's major intersection would be lit as lighting in that section was installed by a different contractor.

Peled-Givony group members Feuchtwanger Industries, Apcon Control and Mashav's industrial operations have not yet been harmed by repercussions from a Securities Authority investigation that led last week to the arrests of Rafi Peled and Arieh Givony.

Apparently the lighting contractor feared that in light of the situation, Feuchtwanger would be unable to repay its debt.

Aharon et Giladi refused to comment for this report.