State Comptroller's Staff Earn 54% More Than Peers

For three years the state comptroller's office refused to disclose the data on its pay practices. But after a series of articles in TheMarker, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss succumbed to the pressure and released the information at the end of last week. It turns out that workers at the state comptroller's office earn on average 54% more than the average pay in the civil service.

The average gross wage at the state comptroller's office was NIS 19,425 a month in 2008, compared with NIS 12,654 elsewhere in the public sector. The average wage cost at the state comptroller's office, which has 546 people on its payroll, was NIS 23,666 a month in 2008. (Wage cost refers to the actual cost of an employee to the employer, which is always higher than the gross wage. It includes pension provisions, for instance).

The state comptroller's office had 60 workers earning especially high pay in 2008. Nine grossed more than NIS 40,000 a month, and 51 grossed more than NIS 30,000 a month. The highest-paid individual was the deputy director of state auditing, who grossed NIS 45,012 a month.

The state comptroller's office has 30 people who earn more than ministerial directors-general.