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Sexual harassment complaints have been filed in 80% of Israeli organizations since the law against sexual harassment was passed at the end of 1998. The vast majority of complaints, 94%, were made by women against men, according to a survey conducted by Dr. Sarah Alspector, an expert in occupational social work. Men filed 5% of complaints, half of which were for harassment by women and half by other men. One per cent of complaints concerned women harassing other women.

The survey was conducted in 600 private and public organizations. It shows that in the period immediately after the law was approved, very few complaints were filed. Only as time passed did the number of complaints rise.

According to Alspector, a lack of complaints does not necessarily mean harassment is not occurring. "Sometimes it shows a lack of faith in management to properly handle the complaint, or fear of the harasser, especially if they are more senior or have influence in the organization," she said.