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Juice and syrup manufacturer Prigat is launching a new product: organic, freshly squeezed orange juice.

The company invested NIS 3 million in developing and marketing it.

A spokesman said the new product aims to meet the growing demand for organic and natural products.

The Prigat company has been selling a line of juice made from organically cultivated fruits in the international market since 2000. Its main market is Europe.

"Israeli consumers are curious by nature, and tend to adopt innovative trends. Prigat is proud to lead the introduction of organic beverages. The organic, squeezed juice is aimed at a customer base we have come to recognize over the past year.

The juice is squeezed from oranges grown in organic orange orchards," said Orly Klein-Dagan, Prigat's marketing manager.

A survey conducted by TNS Monitor for Prigat in mid-July showed that 38% of Israelis over age 18 said they consume some organic food, while 14% said they did so often.