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The pay offered to security guards has gone up from NIS 21 to NIS 27 per hour, and demand is greater than supply, Ronnie Lushi of Hashmira security told Ha'aretz.

The soaring demand for guards after the terror attacks in Israeli cities is breaking new records daily, the large security companies say. "After the attack in Haifa, there is hardly any place of business that has not yet asked for guards," Lushi said.

The companies are having difficulty meeting the demand, due to insufficient trained labor. Also, even on regular weekdays, it takes time to issue licenses at the Interior Ministry, all the more so now, during the Passover holiday.

The CEO of Ivtach Security, Razi Reznik, says the terror attacks of the last few days have generated a demand for more skilled guards. "We no longer make do with just anyone with a gun; we look for experience and skill," he said. The call-up of reserves that started this weekend limits the available manpower even further. "All the good guys are taken to do military reserve service, and we are left with no guards or supervisors," Reznik said.

The security industry employs more than 100,000 people and has NIS 8 billion in revenues. The jump in sales in the last month is evaluated at NIS 150,000-200,000 a month, or NIS 1.5 billion in annual terms.