Patent Lawyer Has Cell Giants' Numbers

Marco Luzzatto, the son of patent lawyer Edgar Luzzatto, who claims ownership of a registered patent allowing cellular telephones to transform rings into ringtones, has settled out of court with Siemens after suing the electronics giant for patent infringement in Israel.

Luzzatto claimed in his lawsuit that he was the onwer of a registered patent in Israel, the United States, and Europe for recording and storing new tunes on cellular devices, and then playing them as ringtones.

Siemens, which uses the technology on its cellular devices, agreed to pay Luzzatto an undisclosed amount in return for his dropping the lawsuit. Both sides signed a confidentiality agreement regarding the settlement's size.

This was not the first lawsuit filed by Luzzatto against an electronics firm; he settled a lawsuit against Ericsson for a sum also bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Sources believe Luzzatto earned millions of shekels from the recent lawsuit. However, they believe Israel is just a training ground for larger lawsuits in Europe, with the most likely next target is Italy.