World of Wonders Kremlin Palace in Antalya, Turkey.
World of Wonders Kremlin Palace in Antalya, Turkey.
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Israeli travel agents and charter airlines have completely halted sales of vacation packages to Turkey as a result of the Gaza flotilla incident and its aftermath. Sources in the charter industry estimate the halt in flights is costing them a total of NIS 500,000 a week. "June was expected to be a particularly busy month for Israeli tourism to the classic sites in Turkey," a senior official in the industry told TheMarker yesterday. He said there were 20 to 25 charter flights a week scheduled for the month, each with about 200 passengers - though not all the flights were fully booked.

In addition, unions from the largest Israeli employers have upped their actions against Turkey. The unions have decided not to buy any Turkish products as part of their holiday gifts for workers.

The unions involved include those of the Israel Electric Corporation, the Bank of Israel, a number of government ministries, Egged, Tnuva and several universities. The unions are also asking their members to refrain from buying Turkish goods.

This comes in addition to the existing boycott of Turkish vacations by the unions for subsidized holidays for members.