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A revolutionary development could change the face of solar electricity production: The Jerusalem-based GreenSun Energy says that it has developed a photovoltaic panel capable of using sunlight from any angle.

The development is based on light-concentrating technology which the company says enables high efficiency production of solar electricity - even when the sunlight is of relatively low intensity.

The solar panels can be turned into a cost-effective transparent coating for buildings or windows.

This development has important advantages over normal solar panels: Firstly, one panel can produce as much electricity as a regular panel five times its size, which makes it far more cost efficient. In addition, the panels do not collect heat, they don't require cooling systems and are more efficient in this respect as well.

Also, the panels can collect sunlight of all types - meaning direct or diffuse - which makes them practical for cloudy environments, and can use sunlight from any angle, meaning the system does not need to track the direction of the sun.