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There were two near-accidents at Sde Dov airport in north Tel Aviv on Saturday. In one incident, a small privately owned plane taxied off the runway.

Yitzhak Raz, the chief aviation accidents investigator at the Transportation Ministry, is looking into the incident.

In other second near-miss, two planes almost collided in the air above Sde Dov. One, also a small privately owned plane, had been circling, and another small plane approached for landing in parallel. As it descended, it approached roughly the same height as the first plane, resulting in dangerous proximity.

The control tower at Sde Dov is manned by air traffic controllers belonging to the Israel Defense Forces' Air Force. They noticed the problem in time, warned the descending pilot and averted disaster.

That affair is being investigated by the Civilian Aviation Authority.

Sde Dov also serves the Israel Air Force, and in fact, problems are not rare.

There were other near-accidents this year, including a near collision between an army plane and a civilian jet last spring.

In an example involving the army, in late March 2006, a rotor detached from the propellor of a Hercules jet. The plane effected an emergency landing at Sde Dov, which is by the city of Herzliya. Residents in nearby neighborhoods have been trying to shut down the airport because of the noise nuisance for years, to little avail.