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Tzipi Livni may have defeated Shaul Mofaz in the number of votes in the Kadima primary, but Mofaz beat her in terms of the amount of campaign contributions he raised: NIS 2.18 million compared to Livni's NIS 1.98 million.

Mofaz started raising money in October 2006, while Livni started only two months ago, on July 18.

Since Mofaz started before the law relating to primary contributions was amended, he was not limited by the present NIS 2 million cap.

He also could then collect contributions from foreigners, larger than today's NIS 40,000 individual limit. He raised two $100,000 contributions in 2006 from two Americans - which today he could not have done.

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss is conducting an examination of the campaign financing of all the Kadima candidates, as the law mandates.