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Ocif Aviv is appealing the award of a central Tel Aviv land tender to Dankner Investment. The latter's bid to build in the area of the Bezalel clothes market, near the Carmel Market in the heart of Tel Aviv, does not comply with the tender terms, claims Ocif Aviv. It should therefore be crowned the winner, it argues.

Ocif Aviv filed its appeal with the tenders committee of the Tel Aviv Municipality, and demands that its complaint be addressed.

Real estate sources claim that Ocif Aviv appealed after learning that Dankner Investment has never built a 300-space parking lot as the tender requires, nor has it ever solely constructed a 13,000 square meter project, which is another term in the tender.

Dankner Investment was bought a year ago by the Delek Group company Delek Real Estate. It filed the highest bid, NIS 27.5 million, which was NIS 3 million above the minimum price that the city set. Ocif Aviv's bid was only NIS 800,000 less than Dankner Investment's.

According to the city plan, the Bezalel Market area is zoned for two high-rises of 8 and 16 storys, with 144 apartments, and an underground parking lot with 720 spaces. It is also zoned for 1,900 square meters worth of commercial space.

Construction of the project is scheduled for the end of 2006, after negotiations with the current occupants of the marketplace's stalls are complete.

At present the Bezalel area houses stalls selling low-cost clothing and sundries.

Delek Real Estate manager Ilik Rozanski commented that Dankner Investment complied with all the terms of the tender and that it was awarded the contract by merit. The tenders committee approved its win, he said.

The Tel Aviv Municipality said it is looking into the matter.