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Israel's next prime minister will gross NIS 41,000 monthly. The state will also finance a prime ministerial apartment on Balfour Street in Jerusalem, and cover the prime minister's phone bills and daily newspapers, car and chauffeur.

The new PM and spouse will receive an annual clothing allowance of NIS 45,000, or NIS 3,750 a month for both. That's supposed to cover shoes too.

The prime minister's spouse will also be entitled to taxpayer-covered budgets for hosting, office services, two workers, car and chauffeur and more.

The cost of all the prime minister's spouse's entitlements, including the clothing and footwear allowance, comes to about a million shekels a year. Tax-free, that is.

As for Ehud Olmert, upon leaving office, he will receive a monthly stipend of NIS 36,920 a month. The figure is based on his service as minister and as member of Knesset. He will also get "management insurance" payments and reimbursed costs of NIS 10,400 a year for phone bills and newspapers.

For five years, Olmert - a lawyer by trade - will be entitled to an office, aides, secretaries and a chauffeur, costing NIS 2 million a year. Jerusalem circles say the state will be renting him an office in one of Tel Aviv's high-rises.