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Well, is it? Yes, thinks Ganir, which produces the Primor line of chilled juices, and which has launched a new series of small-size "personal" bottles containing that very thing: vegetable juice. In parallel Ganir has launched a combo "tropical" fruit juice too.

The company has invested NIS 3 million in launching the new category. Yuram Efrati, Ganir's marketing manager, says the fruit or vegetable drink contains about 50% of the recommended daily in take of fruit and vegetables.

The vegetable offering contains tomatoes, peppers and carrots. Ganir's investment involves ads in the papers, sales promotion at marketing outlets and a campaign on the Health and Food channels on television.

This isn't the first time a veggie juice has been introduced to Israel. The last effort, by Primor too, was nine years ago, and it flopped. "The health trend hadn't been developed then, like it is today," explains Efrati. But Ganir recognized that the trend had reached the area of beverages. From there, the road to pepper juice was short.

Its first foray into "healthy" was pomegranate juice, launched in March 2007, Efrati says. That sold like hotcakes, even though it was relatively pricey, he admits.

Ganir was founded in 1979 and is owned by the Gat and Beit Nir kibbutzes, by Kiryat Gat.

In 2002 Yotvata, of the Strauss Group, became a partner with a 20% stake/ in January 2007, the company merged with Gan Shmuel Food. It exports about 80% of its products and sells the other 20% locally.