A plane flying over a neighborhood near Ben-Gurion Airport
A plane flying over a neighborhood near Ben-Gurion Airport. Photo by Alon Ron
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The city of Holon petitioned the High Court of Justice yesterday, accusing the state and its aviation authorities of being in contempt of court and asking the court to enforce its decision limiting night takeoffs from Ben-Gurion International Airport.

The court had ruled that such noisy takeoffs could be allowed only for reasons of flight safety or security.

The city asked the court to levy heavy fines on the Israel Airports Authority for every day the night flights continue.

Even though the busy summer season is over, the number of flights has actually increased, to 48 forbidden flights a night, the petitioners said. The busiest hours for flights are now 4 A.M. to 5 A.M., the municipality added.

The IAA said it was operating according to the High Court's orders, and the night flights were needed for safety reasons while runways are being upgraded. It said it would finish the construction as quickly as possible, while taking nearby residents into consideration as much as possible.

The Transportation Ministry called the city's claims baseless and said the ministry would respond in court.