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Hogla Kimberly, which controls the lion's share of the local diapers market with its Huggies and Titulim brands, is now expanding the Huggies brand to include new categories and products for children and infants.

The firm will invest NIS 12 million in the development and market penetration of new products, including $1.5 in improving its Huggies Freedom diapers. It will also launch a stretchy waist diaper, as its diaper packaging has been revamped for the first time in six years.

Arik Shor, managing director of Hogla Kimberly Israel, says that the price of the new diapers will remain identical to current retail prices.

As part of the expansion of the Huggies brand, Hogla Kimberly is also to begin marketing aloe vera-injected disposable wipes and disposable changing pads, costing NIS 24.9 for a package of 10.

The brand's worldwide activities include toiletries and sun-protection products, skin care creams, and baby bath products.