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The Hatzi Hinam private discount supermarket chain has purchased 34 dunams (8.5 acres) of land near Ashdod for a new store, according to real estate industry sources.

The store will be in the 10,000-square-meter range, and the project will include a large number of stores to be rented out.

It is estimated that the chain spent about $200,000 per dunam, or $6.8 million in total.

Construction is expected to start in a few months, after the opening of the chain's new store in Rishon Letzion. Hatzi Hinam (meaning half free) does not invest in advertising, instead relying on its image as a low-cost store. But in its new branches, the chain emphasizes not only price, but also the wide range of goods and a shopping experience that is similar to large supermarkets overseas.

The chain has four branches and 600 workers. Its Holon store, the chain's most recent addition, has the highest sales of any supermarket in Israel, and the chain's market share is 5.8 percent.

The stores' management was unavailable for comment.