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About 1,000 ultra-Orthodox consumers will be leaving Dor Gas, a subsidiary of Dudi Wiessman's Dor Alon group.

The boycott follows an ad in the religious paper Hamodia, which is leading the battle against Wiessman. The ad called on the religious public to cut off ties with Dor Gas, to protest the fact that the convenience store chain AM:PM, which Wiessman also owns, operates on Shabbat. "The first step will involve about 1,000 customers who will stop buying, and we will continue to advertise this matter until thousands of Haredi consumers advise the company that they wish to do the same," the organizers said yesterday.

The organizers added that they are now in contact with competing gas suppliers, in hopes of entering into contracts as a group.

The rabbinical Committee for the Sanctity of Shabbat has been trying to promote a move to ensure that any investor seeking to buy the ultra-Orthodox outlets of Shefa Shuk from Wiessman would also buy the AM:PM chain, and close it on the Sabbath. However, Dor Alon, Shefa Shuk's holding company, says that it has no intention of selling the AM:PM chain.

Rami Levy, who has negotiated for the acquisition of the Shefa Shuk outlets frequented by the ultra-Orthodox community, told Hamodia's management forum yesterday that he has no interest in acquiring the AM:PM chain either.

A representative of the rabbinical Committee for the Sanctity of Shabbat told the forum that Wiessman had already agreed to the rabbis' demand to close the outlets on the Sabbath, and that as a result of the boycott, all new outlets are closed for business on Saturday.