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The Israeli representative of Swedish clothing chain H&M is looking at leasing the iconic Maxim cinema building in Tel Aviv, on the corner of King George and Ben Zion streets. If the deal closes, it would be a major coup against Castro, a rival fashion chain with a flagship store across the street, in Dizengoff Center. Just this March, Castro invested NIS 8 million in relaunching its store. Also, the 1,800-square meter "culture complex" of the Third Ear (Haozen Hashlishit), which occupies three stories of the building, would have to be vacated. Third Ear had moved there at considerable investment in 2005, creating movie screening rooms, a space for shows, a lending library for movies, and books and music departments, after 20 years as a dinky store on Shenkin Street. Another tenant in the building who'd have to move is a Spaghettim restaurant. ()