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Gasoline prices will be rising by 3 agorot per liter at midnight tonight, a modest increase attesting to the stability of oil prices in August. A liter of 95-octane gasoline, self-service, rises by 0.45% to NIS 6.32 per liter. Service fees at gas stations are 13 agorot per liter.

The National Infrastructures Ministry urges drivers to compare prices of the different gasoline retailers; it may pay, the ministry says.

The price of diesel for transportation is rising by 5% in September compared with August, beyond the increase in excise tax by 38 agorot to NIS 2.44 per liter coming into effect on September 1. The excise tax hike is the last step in a plan begun in 2005 to bring tax on diesel in line with tax on gasoline. But tax on the two won't be equal from September 1. Meanwhile, the Finance Ministry raised tax on gasoline by 35 agorot per liter, to NIS 2.75 per liter.