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From February 1, 2009, employers will have to upgrade pay slips for workers: All the elements comprising pay will have to be clear and readable, under an amendment to the Wage Protection Act.

Labor law expect Shlomo Bachor says one big difference in pay slips will be identification of the employer. No longer will a company be sufficient: The monthly document will now be required to cite the employer's full name, company ID number, and an address where applicable.

The pay slip will also have to cite the worker's total accrued term of employment at the company, the extent of the position (full-time, part-time), whether the job is or is not a "position of trust" that obviates payment of overtime, and the employer's payment of social benefits not deducted from the salary.

The slip must also cite the number of hours the employee worked in a month, where applicable.

Breach of the law entitles the worker to compensation of NIS 5,000, without the need to prove damage caused.