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Feldman Slated to Head Tax Authority

Ze'ev Feldman is expected to be named the next head of the Tax Authority in the coming days.

Ze'ev Feldman is expected to be named the next head of the Tax Authority in the coming days. He will replace the temporary commissioner, Yehuda Nasardishi, appointed after Jacky Matza was forced to resign amidst a corruption scandal last year.

CPA Ze'ev Feldman, 56, served as the deputy income tax commissioner. He was a candidate for the position of income tax commissioner in 1994, competing against Doron Levy, who was appointed instead, and left the civil service immediately afterward. He joined top accounting firm Brightman & Co. as a partner, providing tax consultancy services. In 1998, he was appointed managing director of the Safra brothers' FIBI Investment House Ltd. He recently managed an independent, successful consultancy service for large firms. A few years ago, he represented billionaire Arcadi Gaydamak before the Tax Authority.

If he agrees to accept the position, Feldman will have to sign a comprehensive conflict of interest agreement, in light of his involvement with a number of the largest companies in Israel.

Feldman's name has come up time and again as a candidate for the position of Tax Authority commissioner, and earlier as income tax commissioner whenever a new director has been sought, and has a reputation of being a true professional.

Commenting on news of the expected appointment, the Finance Ministry said yesterday that personnel issues would not be discussed in the press during Minister Roni Bar-On's tenure in the treasury. The issue of appointment of the head of the Tax Authority is under review by the appointments committee.