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Up until a year ago, Bank Leumi was considered the main supplier of top managers for the banking system. But during the past year, in the management shake-up resulting from Amiram Sivan's retirement and the resignation of Eli Yones, a number of senior managers at Bank Hapoalim have taken jobs at other banks.

Yones, named earlier this month as the new CEO of United Mizrahi Bank, is the latest and most senior of the ex-Hapoalim managers to take a post at another bank. Mizrahi's vice-president of marketing, Yossi Yarkoni, is also a former Hapoalim hand.

Roni Heskiyahu, formerly a regional manager for Hapoalim and CEO of Shipping Bank, was appointed a senior vice-president at Israel Discount Bank and head of its business division. Ze'ev Ben Asher, formerly head of human resources at Hapoalim, took a similar position at First International Bank of Israel (FIBI) two months ago. Idit Luski, who managed Bank Mishkan, is now a vice-president at Union Bank.

Yones, Ben Asher and Heskiyahu have not only become competitors for Bank Hapoalim, but they are also now the bankers for Arison Investments and Shlomo Nehama: FIBI, Discount and Mizrahi were those who provided Arison the credit for purchasing Bank Hapoalim seven years ago.