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In "Alice in Wonderland" the Red Queen says: You must run as fast as you can to stay in the same place. Apparently that is true for a lot of workers in Israel. About 327,000 workers, 15% of all salaried employees in Israel, work on their day of rest, according to a study conducted by the Industry, Trade, and Labor Ministry's Research and Economics Administration. The ministry and the Histadrut labor federation say that 30% of these workers are not paid the higher wage to which they are entitled for such work.

Nearly 60% of all salary earners who work on their day of rest say they are allowed no alternative day off, as required by law. A small minority, 9%, reported that they received alternative days of rest, but not regularly.

The percentage of workers employed on days of rest is higher in the private-business sector (20%) than the civil sector (14%).

The study found that agents, sales personnel and service workers in various industries like tourism, entertainment and the food industry are employed more often on their day of rest than other workers. Those on the job in industrial factories, both professional and non-professional, are also more likely on average (19%) to be at work on their day of rest.