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The delays and schedule changes at Ben-Gurion International Airport continued yesterday, a day after Israel Airports Authority workers ended their strike.

Airlines were working to get their flights back on schedule and make up for the eight hours of lost time due to the strike. The strike affected 45 departing flights on Monday.

The airlines are hoping flight schedules will be back to normal by the time the country's flight travel halts at 1 P.M. Friday for the Yom Kippur holiday. According to the IAA, 40,000 travelers passed through the airport yesterday, higher than the average figure for a weekday. Many of these people had been rescheduled after their flights were canceled due to the strike.

Airlines increased the number of flights to and from Israel in an effort to make up for the strike. El Al used larger planes than it originally scheduled for flights to Zurich and London.

Passengers also arrived at the airport yesterday to pick up luggage, which the airport workers had not unloaded off of planes that landed during the strike.