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The Prime Minister's Office and the Finance Ministry's accountant general are scheduled to publish a tender this morning for the establishment of a bank of consulting firms that would help government ministries set proper procedures, supervise, control and measure their operations, and generally change the ministries' culture.

The state expects leading consulting firms to participate in the tender - which will be worth only a few million shekels, but will carry quite a bit of prestige. "No large consulting firm can allow itself to fail in the quality section of the tender," said one official involved in the tender process.

The tender is not for writing documents, but rather for creating a culture of planning, measurement and control in the various ministries, the official said. The consulting firms will monitor implementation of the process over three years. A number of consulting firms will be chosen, and ministry directors general will be able to employ them via a streamlined process. Part of the budget will come from the Prime Minister's Office.

The firms will have to propose mechanisms for quantitatively measuring the ministries' performance, based on a master plan prepared by a government task force. For example, if the Ministry of Industry and Trade asks for NIS 1.5 billion, the ministry will have to present the method and measurements it will use to determine whether this budget succeeded in meeting its goals. The idea is that if, at the end of the year, the goals have not been met, this will affect future budgets.