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Car-buyers set a record in July as they pushed forward their purchases to avoid paying the so-called "green taxes" on vehicles which went into effect August 2. The total value of all automotive imports: cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors and spare parts was $589 million in July, up more than 42% compared to July 2008 - and 78% higher than June of this year, the Israel Tax Authority reported yesterday.

But the true amount paid by consumers was much higher: The state took in another NIS 1.5 billion in taxes on vehicle imports in July, 78% higher than in July 2008 and up 86% from June.

Imports of all types of vehicles rose in July. All totaled, 31,069 cars and 2,649 trucks and other commercial vehicles were imported during the month.

July was the first month this year that showed an increase of vehicle imports compared to last year.

The rise in commercial vehicle sales was particularly sharp, as diesel vehicle prices will go up steeply compared to other categories. The numbers also include personal imports of vehicles not via the regular car importers. These numbers also jumped by over 80%, as this import channel is now much more expensive than in July before the tax increases.

As to imports of other durable goods excluding cars, the results were mixed, but most categories also showed a steep rise.

Importers brought in 2.6% fewer refrigerators over the month and 17.7% fewer televisions.

But most other products showed increases, with washing machine imports up over 40%, dryers up 79% and a 10% rise in dishwasher imports.

As with cars, durable goods imports were way down all year - except for the jump in July.