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With the disengagement completed, a new battle has erupted on the capital markets: Who will manage the compensation money received by the evacuated settlers - and how can money management firms get a little free publicity out of the media's interest in the evacuees?

Dash Apax Holdings launched the first salvo yesterday when it sent a letter to the Disengagement Administration (Sela) and offered to advise the evacuees on how to invest their money.

"These days, the entire world is tensely following the implementation of the disengagement plan," the letter said. "Israel's citizens believe in the necessity of the process, in its success and in its future implications for Israel's security and economy, but at the same time, the difficult pictures, the uprooting of people from their houses and the pain of the evacuees touch the heart of everyone in Israel. We, the managers and workers of the Dash Apax Holdings investment house, feel an obligation to be part of the process and to help the evacuees to the best of our ability."

"We believe that alongside the services the state is providing to the evacuees, there is also room to give thought to managing the compensation money. Wise and proper financial preparation will be a key factor for every family in settling into its new place and consolidating its economic future in the coming years. We therefore offer to put our services and our expertise in the field of investment management at the disposal of Sela and the evacuees, for free."

The company has not yet received a reply from Sela.