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Bank Hapoalim has asked the courts to appoint a temporary receiver for the Internet company Kaduri Net. The retail bank says Kaduri Net Ltd owes it NIS 249,000 and there are no personal guarantees for the debts. Tel Aviv District Court refused to appoint the receiver without a hearing.

The bank told the court the company's entire operation is operating an Internet site - www.kaduri.net - that offers religious services associated with the name of the revered Rabbi Kaduri. The bank said the company has no fixed assets and has not repaid the debt despite several meetings with the company CEO Avihai Reines to try to reach a debt arrangement.

The bank says it has exhausted attempts to reach a repayment schedule. Hapoalim said Kaduri Net is insolvent, so a receiver must be appointed to operate the site and direct its revenues to the bank.

Kaduri Net is dedicated to the cult figure Rabbi Kaduri. It includes biographical material, images of the rabbi, and video clips.

Surfers can read blessings and remedies for the rapid convalescence of the ill, peace in the home, remedies for the Evil Eye, fears, and more. The site also sells religious articles.

Surfers are invited to seek answers to questions like "Dream interpretation, name suitability, prophecy, spells and talismans" which the site says will be transmitted to the Torah sage who specializes in these matters.

However, the actual connection between Rabbi Kaduri's associates and the site's operators is unclear, nor is it clear if Kaduri approved the setting up of the site.

Despite numerous requests, Kaduri Net's legal advisor, attorney Rami Blumenfeld, was unavailable to comment for this report.