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Arad religious council workers didn't get paid for June, and suppliers aren't getting paid either. That's because the city rabbi, Ben Tzion Lipsker, has slapped liens on the religious council's bank accounts.

A month ago the Be'er Sheva labor tribunal accepted Lipsker's claim that the council, which falls under his responsibility, owes him NIS 350,000.

The original Arad religious council had been disbanded after accruing debt for years. It was replaced by a temporary body that set about rehabilitating the council's affairs. The rabbi's claim, made a year ago, is that the council paid him only partially for years.

The council says it owes a lot of people a lot of money, many of whom make minimum wage. They're all waiting patiently, except the rabbi, whose wage cost is NIS 50,000 a month, said the council representative.

Lipsker said he wouldn't conduct the battle through the press and called it "hypocrisy" - "They've owed me the money for three years."