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The Government Companies Authority is delaying its approval of Tamar Meira Hartov being appointed CEO of Amidar, the public housing company, because of "infringements of proper behavior and conduct unbecoming the norms of the company."

In a letter sent to the chairman of Amidar's board, Yitzhak Duchan, the deputy director of the GCA, Shimon Ben-Hamou, included a letter from Amidar's workers about Meira's conduct in the past two years when she was acting CEO. The workers accuse Meira of "creating an atmosphere of fear and a regime of terror, using lies and deceit, encouraging squealing, and carrying out suspiciously illegal activities, and all for one purpose - to advance her interests to be appointed permanent Amidar CEO."

Meira has worked for 30 years at Amidar and was chosen by the board to fill the post, in acting capacity, after former CEO Amikam Ben-Zvi left.