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If your sink blocks in the middle of the night, if the bathroom shelves collapse, or if the curtains you bought last year are still waiting to be hung, Ace "Do It Yourself" will be happy to hear about it. The company announced yesterday that it would enter the home service and repair sector. Membership will cost NIS 24 per year.

Ace is offering a service package to its S.O.ACE customers at lower than market prices. Emergency plumbing, electric, and lock breaking services will cost NIS 45 per call.

Other services, such as hanging light fixtures, curtains, shelves, and electrical connections will run at NIS 80 per hour.

The package will also include various vehicle services - from car washes at home for NIS 40 to NIS 90 wheel changes and NIS 140 tests.

Ace says it will provide the services within 90 minutes through its 24-hour call service.

The S.O.ACE service is part of a NIS 1.5 million effort to improve customer service, which will also include better in-store assistance.

"The goal is to make the customer choose us, to create a difference between us and the other chains," said Ace CEO Yaki Vadmani, noting that in the DIY field, Ace is struggling against Home Center.

"In the home improvement market it is not enough to be cheap to attract customers, and therefore we are moving in other directions," he said. "The new service is a way to make the customer feel a sense of belonging to us."

Vadmani is aware of the risks involved in committing to cheap quality service. "If Ace's service is seen as only cheap in price, the chain will pay with its image," he said. "We offer an approach that has yet to exist in Israel and the burden of proof is on us."

Ace will provide the services through an external company, Shahar Assistant, which already services several insurance companies. Shahar Assistant CEO Ronen Salton said the company can provide significantly low-priced services because its professionals are salaried.

Independent plumbers must charge hundreds of shekels per visit because they cannot count on a consistent level of clientele, he said. In contrast, his employees know the company is taking responsibility for providing customers.

Home Center President and CEO Aharon Meidan responded to Ace's announcement: "We provide a variety of services and provide a response to all needed repairs, except car services." He added that Home Center usually receives about 2,000 calls a day, and around 4,000 per day during the summer months.