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Sapir Literary Prize for 2011 Awarded to Haggai Linik

Linik, 59, will receive NIS 150,000 and his book, "Prompter Needed," will be translated into Arabic and one other language of his choice.

Israeli Author Haggai Linik was awarded the prestigious 2011 prestigious Sapir Prize for Literature on Monday for his book "Prompter Needed," (published by Hasifria Hahadasha).

The other nominees were Dan Benaya Seri ("Artur," Kinneret Zmora ), Moshe Sakal ("Yolanda," Keter ), Matan Hermoni ("Hebrew Publishing Company," Kinneret Zmora ) and Orly Castel-Bloom ("Winter Life," Hasifria Hahadasha ).

Linik - Reut Gilad - November 2011
Reut Gilad

Link will receive NIS 150,000 and his book will be translated into Arabic and one other language of his choice. The other finalists will receive NIS 25,000 each.

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The Sapir Prize is awarded annually by Mifal Hapayis, Israel's state lottery. The lottery will purchase 500 copies of each of the five finalists' books and first novel and distribute them to libraries nationwide.

The 2011 prize jury consists of seven members, headed by retired Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner.

The 2010 prize was awarded to Yoram Kaniuk for "1948." The best debut work went to Anat Einhar for "Summer Predators."

Other authors who have won the prize in the past include Haim Sabato, David Grossman, Ron Leshem and Alona Frankel.

A total of 63 books were originally in the running for this year's prize, which is modeled on England's Man Booker Prize.