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Election-ad abuse is like abusing a corpse; where's the value in it? So there's no value in this column. I promised myself I would scrutinize them with no prejudice, and here is my opinion: A whole hour of incredulous observation - were they real, or a bad dream?

Election-broadcast season is good for the media. When the parties have the floor without intermediaries, it turns out they have nothing much to say.

Everyone here is strong, everyone, but everyone, wants to be Putin or Rasputin, to whack our own Chechens as they sit on their toilets, to be privy to major decisions. Barak is strong and a veteran leader, Tzipi is strong and a new leader, Bibi is the strongest in the world. Only Lieberman the trooper can take him on. Strong, stronger, strongest - and where has the wise man gone?

What did the ads actually say last night? What was is what shall be. That was the main message. The whole world already knows that what was cannot persist, the old order must be buried, a new world order must be established. But not in Israel: Here the face of the future is that of the present, like the face of a dog sniffing away happily at the rear end of history.

There was not one moment of humor, certainly not the self-depricating sort; it is as if they were saying - if we don't treat ourselves with boundless seriousness, who will? Netanyahu looked as if he had swallowed a flagpole; Livni looked like an Adler mechanical doll; Barak looked like he was still agonizing over having to leave Ashkelon.

No one talked about peace, no one talked about justice. They merely decked themselves and their leaders out like prostitutes, and slung mud at each other like muckrakers in the sewers. The money the ad firms will make from this whole depressing spectacle actually does have an odor.