Yeshiva Student Undresses in Store to Protest Chametz Sale

27-year-old protests court ruling permitting limited sale of chametz; covers up genitals with sock.

Police on Monday afternoon arrested a 27-year-old yeshiva student for undressing in a Bat Yam supermarket, wearing only a sock to cover his genitals, to protest a recent controversial court ruling which permitted the sale of chametz in some businesses.

A few weeks ago, a Jerusalem Magistrate's Court judge ruled that the matzot law, which prohibits the display of chametz (foods Jewish law prohibits on Passover) in public places during the holiday, does not apply to supermarkets, pizzerias and restaurants, as they are not considered "public."

The man was detained for interrogation on suspicion of performing an indecent act in public.

Eyewitnesses stated the 27-year-old had the inscription "this is not public" scrawled on his abdomen. He claimed that since chamez was sold on the premises, it could therefore not be legally recognized as a public place, and as such, there were no grounds to press charges against him.

Police were left unconvinced by this defense, and will seek to extend his remand on Tuesday. Police will also demand a psychiatric observation.