Yesha Council Plans to Bring Country to Halt for 15 Min. on Mon.

Council calling on citizens to pause in order reevaluate the disengagement plan; says won't block roads.

The Yesha Council is planning on implementing its "Stop for a moment to reevaluate" initiative at 6 P.M. on Monday. The council is calling on citizens to halt their activities, wherever they might be, for 15 minutes and reevaluate the disengagement plan, its benefits, costs, and aim.

The council clarified that it plans to prevent the blocking of roads.

The Yesha Council said Sunday that within the framework of the initiative, citizens would line the sides of main roads across the county, along some 350 kilometers, and wave Israeli flags, orange ribbons, and signs reading "Stop. We must reevaluate."

"The operation will be a mass, civil, democratic protest and will not disrupt traffic," Yesha Council head Bentzi Lieberman said Sunday.

He went on to say that, "The latest polls indicate that support for disengagement is dropping, and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon does not have the majority of the public's support. Concurrently, the heads of the defense establishment are saying that the disengagement will bring terror. The demonstration is intended to express the desire of the majority of the Israeli public, that decision makers pause and reevaluate the disengagement plan before a tragedy ensues - in both the security and civilian domains. It is unfathomable that the entire state of Israel will leap into an abyss because of the will of one man to evade an indictment."

Those taking part in the initiative will stand along Road 1, from the Kibbutz Galuyot interchange to Sha'ar Haguy; along Road 4 between the Ashkelon and Haifa Fureidis Junctions; Road 20 between the Kibbutz Galuyot and Glilot interchanges; from Petah Tikva to the North Train Junction, along Jabotinsky Street; from the entrance to Jerusalem to the Knesset, and from the Check Post Junction in Haifa to the Kiryon.