Yellow Patch, Blue Victory: U.K. Media Praise Grant After Chelsea Win

Papers show Grant celebrating after Chelsea victory wearing a yellow patch for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

A photo of Chelsea manager Avram Grant on his knees at Stamford Bridge in London with a yellow patch wrapped around his right arm was printed in newspapers across the U.K. Thursday, a day after Chelsea beat Liverpool 3-2 to advance the Blues to the Champions League final for the first time in the club's history.

While the loss of Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard's mother last week was well known, the photo reminded readers of Avram Grant's relatives on his father's side, who were wiped out in the Holocaust.

The Sun newspaper mentioned Grant's plans to fly to Poland after the match to give an address at a Holocaust remembrance day gathering at Auschwitz and quoted Grant as saying "My grandfather died in the Holocaust and I have his name. My father buried him with his own hands."

In describing the end of the match on Wednesday the Guardian wrote "On the final whistle the Israeli took off his jacket, knelt on the Stamford Bridge pitch and offered a prayer. It was in remembrance of those family members murdered in the Holocaust and who he will commemorate today when he visits the concentration camp at Auschwitz."

The Evening Standard, which had in the past been critical of Grant's performance leading Chelsea, also mentioned Holocaust Remembrance Day and quoted Grant saying of his father that he was "the most optimistic and strong person I have ever known, so to reach the Champions League Final today of all days was unbelievable."

The Standard, in addition to several other papers, quoted Chelsea captain center Back John Terry's support of the often embattled Grant, saying "To get to where we are and to still question the manager's the role at the club is unbelievable."

Terry added, "things have been very good and results don't lie."