Durban 2001 AP
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators marching during a protest at the UN conference on racism in Durban, August 31, 2001. Photo by AP
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A first draft of the resolution to be presented at the Durban III Conference in September was discussed Thursday among representatives of countries that have participated in the previous two conferences.

The draft, which runs the length of nearly half a page, refers to different instances of racism around the world, but does not make any references to Israel. However, diplomatic sources in New York, where the upcoming conference against racism is to be held, claim that the draft will likely undergo several modifications that will include anti-Israel clauses.

One Western diplomat told Haaretz that the first draft is not especially bad, although he believes that there will be people who will try to include references to the draft accepted by the first Durban Conference in 2001 that heavily criticized Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

Israel has announced that it will boycott the conference, and will reject outright any political statements that will be accepted. The Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Italy announced earlier this week they will join Israel, the United States, and Canada in boycotting the event.

Israel boycotted the 2009 conference, where Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke and referred to Israel as having "a totally racist government".