Coldplay arrives at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday June 1, 2008, in Los Angeles. Photo by AP
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British music stars Coldplay on Monday removed a link to the musical collaboration called "Freedom for Palestine" from their official Facebook page, less than a week after urging their fans to check out the musical initiative.

On Wednesday last week, Coldplay referred fans to the "Freedom for Palestine" page, saying: Some of our friends are involved in OneWorld's new 'Freedom for Palestine' single," providing a link to the official "'Freedom for Palestine" website.

The post had received more than 7,000 responses, of both fervent supporters and objectors, some of which were very offensive.

The single features a collaboration of several prominent U.K. musicians, such as Maxi Jazz and Dave Randall of the dance band Faithless, and Jamie Catto of 1 Giant Leap.

According to the "Freedom for Palestine" website, the project is supported by groups such as Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, A Just Peace for Palestine, Friends of Al Aqsa, and more.

The U.K. band released a new song from its upcoming album called "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall " which is now posted on their Facebook wall. Many of the comments to the new song still refer to Middle East politics, despite the link's removal.