Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is upon arrival in Iran on October 18, 2010
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is greeted by Iranian officials on his arrival at the International Mehrabad Airport in Tehran October 18, 2010 Photo by Reuter
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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Tehran Monday night for talks with his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, official news agency IRNA reported.

This is the ninth visit to Iran by Chavez, who has often described the Islamic country as his "second home."

The two leaders are to discuss regional and international issues and follow up on the 186 agreements that Iran and Venezuela have signed in the last five years.

While bilateral trade is valued at 4.6 billion dollars, economic and trade agreements with countries like Venezuela are not considered to have any major impact on Iran's economy.

Chavez has consistently supported Iran's controversial nuclear projects, and with Ahmadinejad has found common ground in his criticism of the United States. Both presidents have on several occasions called for a new world order and reform of the United Nations Security Council.