Al-Shabab members in Somalia.
Al-Shabab members in Somalia. Photo by AP
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Two senior militants with the Somali Islamic extremist group Al-Shabab were killed on Monday in a military strike, possibly by a drone.

A member of the Al-Qaida-linked group, who gave his name as Abu Mohamed, said one of those killed was Al-Shabab's top explosives expert, known as Anta.

He said a drone targeted a car carrying Al-Shabab rebels in Somalia's Middle Juba region.

A Somali intelligence official in Mogadishu confirmed the attack occurred as Al-Shabab militants went to intervene in a clan dispute. The official insisted on anonymity because he is not authorized to share intelligence.

Earlier this month, United States Navy SEALS attacked a coastal Somali town to take down a Kenyan Al-Shabab member. The SEALs withdrew before capturing or killing their target.