Woman Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Strangle Son to Death

Woman's son has been hospitalized on long term basis due to his muscular dystrophy.

A 53-year-old mother was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly trying to strangle her son to death while he lay in his hospital bed.

Her son, 17, has been hospitalized on a long term basis at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa due to his muscular dystrophy.

He told a nurse that his mother, a resident of the western Galilee region, had tried to strangle him twice over the course of Monday night. The nurse then alerted police.

"I don't believe that my wife did this. From the time he was born 17 years ago, she took care of him with devotion. Ever since he got sick, she took care of him without ever asking to be compensated," said the woman's husband.

A Haifa district court has extended the woman's remand by one day and has required her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.