What Does It Mean? An Outline of the Prisoner Exchange Deal

Following the approval of the Hezbollah deal, government releases main principles of agreement.

Following the cabinet's approval of a prisoner exchange deal with the Lebanon-based guerilla group Hezbollah on Sunday, the government issued an official statement outlining the principles of the agreement:

"The government approves the agreement for the release of the soldiers held hostage in Lebanon in accordance with the following:

1.The kidnapped soldiers, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, will be returned to Israel. A report regarding the disappearance of Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad will be handed to Israel, in accordance with government decision number 978, taken on November 9, 2003, and the remains of Israeli soldiers killed in the Second Lebanon War that have not yet been handed over will be returned.

In return for the kidnapped soldiers, Israel will release prisoners and detainees currently held in detention facilities within its borders, and will also transfer remains and information as follows:

a. The prisoner Samir Kuntar and four illegal Lebanese fighter, currently held by Israel, will be released to Lebanon.

b. The remains of dozens of infiltrators and terrorists, including eight Hezbollah fighters, will be transferred to Lebanon.

c. Israel will hand over to the secretary general of Hezbollah information regarding four missing Iranian diplomats.

d. After the exchange is executed, Palestinian prisoners will be released. The number and identity of the prisoners will be determined solely by Israel.

2. The prime minister's coordinator of prisoner exchange negotiations Ofer Dekel will continue the negotiation process in accordance with the following principles:

3. The government will hold further discussions in order to complete and carry out the agreement in accordance with the principles listed in this decision.

4. The government of Israel is reiterating its commitment to do everything in its power to obtain solid reliable information that would shed light on the fate of Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad.

5. The government of Israel is also reiterating its commitment to continuing efforts to secure the release of Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit.

6. The government of Israel will not abandon its efforts to locate and return all the hostages and the fallen soldiers whose burial sites are not known."