WATCH: Health Care Protester Yells 'Heil Hitler' at Israeli Expat

Woman in IDF shirt accosts man at health care meet, says: 'You should be more against Obama than anyone'.

An Israeli expatriate living in the United States has become a Youtube star, after engaging in an on-the-air shouting match with a woman who yelled "Heil Hitler!" at him at a health care reform meeting in Las Vegas.

The unidentified Israeli man was speaking before a camera praising Israel's national health care service and its treatment of soldiers, saying "Israel has the best health care in the world, government health care".

At this point, a voice can be heard off camera shouting "Heil Hitler" at the man, who turned to the woman and yelled back: "I am a Jew, you are yelling Heil Hitler at a Jew? Shame of you!"

The woman, who was wearing an Israel Defense Forces t-shirt, began making crying noises mocking the man and then told him that as an Israeli "you ought to be the most against President Obama".

The Israeli man then returned to his defense of government-supported health care, relating how he was stuck with an $8,000 bill after a two-hour visit to an American emergency room.

Within less than 24 hours, the video racked up over a hundred thousand views in several Youtube versions and was featured on the prime time news broadcast of Israel's Channel 10 television.